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Dues and scholarship donations


Thank you in advance for your generosity to support the Alpha Alumni Association and to provide educational support for our Active members through our scholarship program.

Dues and donations provide funding for scholarships, operations and special events of the Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association. 

Dues are $30/year and any amount above that is considered a scholarship fund donation. Dues and donations are fully tax deductible. 


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  • Traditional Donation Method
    ​Dues and donations can be sent the traditional way by check  by clicking on the box below to download a donation form to print and mail to the Alpha Alumni Treasurer listed on the form:Enter your text here


  • UMD Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarship Direct Donation
    You can also give directly by credit card to the UMD Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Scholarship fund at:
  • ​​​Credit
    ​Clicking on the image links below provides the ability to pay dues and donations securely by credit card or PayPal with a written verification.  (You can choose multiple quantities to increase donations)