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The Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association is organized primarily for education and scholarship purposes as provided for under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Alumni Association provides scholarships to active members of the fraternity. An endowment fund has been created to assist the organization with long term funding of these programs. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic success, fraternity participation (fraternity and campus/community service) and need. The emphasis of these selection criteria varies with each award program.


The Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association fund has been created at UMD by formal agreement with UMD and ratification of this agreement by the University Of Minnesota Foundation.  The endowment fund for this scholarship is administered by the University of Minnesota Foundation.  The fund is invested in accordance with the investment principles of the University of Minnesota Foundation for endowment funds and grows along with continuous donations from the Alumni Association.


The University has established the Reaching Higher Scholarship Initiative Match Program, which matches on a dollar-for-dollar basis the payout of the endowed fund established here by Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association known as the Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  The annual payout made available for distribution from the Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarship Fund will be determined by the Foundation’s Spending policy as defined by its Board of Trustees. To date over $100,000 in scholarships have been rewarded.


Three separate scholarships have been created:


The John L. Banks III Memorial Scholarship


On March 29, 1966, John L. Banks died when his C-130 crashed in Vietnam. John exemplified the achievement of Alpha's objectives: academic success, active participation in the fraternity and other organizations and a strong personal allegiance to his Brothers. Following his death, the Alumni Association named the "John L. Banks Memorial Scholarship" in his honor.


The Daryl B. Knodt Memorial Scholarship

In the years that followed, alumni became increasingly sensitive to the extra efforts of some Alphas who have worked hard for the fraternity and were in need of financial assistance to continue their efforts. This scholarship was added in 1977 with an emphasis on fraternity participation and need. The scholarship was named for Daryl Brooks Knodt, a very active and loyal member of Alpha who died in a car accident on December 21, 1968. Brooks was a former president of Alpha and beloved brother. His contributions to the fraternity have been memorialized by the establishment of the Daryl B. Knodt Memorial Scholarship.


The Warren F. Orrick Memorial Scholarship

During the 1960s, Alphas were often involved in many fraternity, school and community activities. One of the more active was Warren "Butch" Orrick. Always eager, Butch provided the motivation (and often the "place") for the next event. Butch died on July 14, 1990. In respect for Butch's high level of participation and academic success, the Warren F. Orrick Memorial Scholarship has been created.




We are pleased to report our scholarship recipients for 2020-21.  Selections were conducted by a scholarship panel consisting of Alpha Scholarship Chairman Tom Kraus,  Mike Dean, Dennis Johnson, and Tori Seymour from UMD. Awards have been awarded to the following recipients:

  • Lucas Koecher (current president)- John L. Banks III Scholarship

  • ​Eric Franzwa (current vice-president) - Daryl B. Knodt Scholarship

  • Thiago Augusto Kono (current secretary) - Warren F. Orrick Scholarship